Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Are you seeking Restorative Dentistry services in India? If so, you’ve found the perfect destination. Before we proceed, let’s delve into the details

Restorative dentistry

Revive Your Confidence with Restorative Dentistry

Let the transformative magic of Restorative Dentistry in India, bring your damaged or missing teeth back to life, by restoring their natural form and function, along with their supporting structures. This multidimensional approach encompasses a range of procedures, from simple fillings to complex restorations of missing teeth, leaving you with a healthy, confident smile.

Vibrant Composite Tooth Coloured Filling

Shaad Aesthetics utilizes a composite tooth coloured filling material composed of highly cross-linked polymers reinforced with carefully selected amorphous silica, glass, crystalline, and organic resin filler particles that are colour-matched to the natural shade of the tooth. Compared to other traditional fillings, dental composite restorations at Coimbatore offer numerous advantages:

  • Provides an aesthetic match to the natural shade of teeth.
  • Enhanced bonding strength with tooth surfaces, ensuring longevity of the filling.
  • Capable of withstanding significant forces due to its high strength.
  • Has replaced the use of silver/amalgam fillings.


“Observing patients’ transition from a dull to a vibrant smile is the most fulfilling aspect for us. The resonance in their voices is indicative of the profound trust they have in us.”