Geriatric Dental Care

Geriatric Dental Care

If you are seeking Geriatric dental care services in India, you have landed at the perfect destination. Let us begin by comprehending the significance of geriatric care.

Geriatric dental care

Golden Age Wellness at Shaad Aesthetics

Maintaining healthy teeth and gums is essential for the elderly, just like taking care of heart and digestive health. Studies have shown a link between gum disease and heart disease. Good oral hygiene in elderly people is a potent weapon to fight against heart attacks, strokes, and other heart conditions. Neglecting oral health can lead to dental issues, making eating difficult and causing pain. It can also impact nutrition, overall health, and mental well-being.

From Vintage To Veteran: Why Regular Dental Checkups For Older Adults Are Crucial

  • Tooth yellowing or discoloration is caused by enamel erosion, exposing the dentin layer due to mechanical friction and improper brushing. This can lead to sensitivity and severe pain if the nerve supplying teeth is exposed.
  • Unnoticed bacterial infection weakens gums, leading to receding gums and root exposure. This can lead to root caries and tooth mobility.
  • Poor oral hygiene in elderly people leads to increased oral bacteria, causing gum disease, decay, and teeth loss. It’s linked to systemic conditions like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and gastritis.
  • Lack of nutrition can lead to weakened and bleeding gum tissue, causing paleness and recession.
  • Reduced salivary gland function and size lead to decreased salivary secretion, causing dry mouth, bad breath, taste disorders, tongue and gum inflammation, and increased susceptibility to tooth decay, all of which can affect oral health.
  • Diabetic patients have reduced immunity, which leads to an increased bacterial load, gum infection, and shaky teeth.
  • Poor oral hygiene in elderly people can lead to bacterial accumulation, which can result in gum infections and bleeding while brushing. Bacteria can also enter the bloodstream, increasing the risk of endocarditis and other cardiovascular diseases.

Link Between Oral Wellness And Overall Well-Being

There is a link between oral wellness and overall well-being. Yes, your oral health is not just about your teeth and gums; it can impact your entire body. For stroke or hypertensive patients, reduced sensation and muscle activity may lead to swallowing difficulties and increased risk of oral infections.

Gastritis can erode your teeth and cause severe pain. As you age, reduced sense of taste, salivary secretion, and incomplete chewing can impact your digestion and nutrition.

And osteoporosis can lead to faster bone loss, making your bones fragile and prone to breakage. Take care of your oral health to maintain your overall well-being.

Take charge of your oral health by scheduling regular regular dental checkups for older adults with one of India’s best dentists, Dr. Arshad at Shaad Aesthetics for maintaining proper oral hygiene habits. Together, we can keep your smile and your body healthy.


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