Frenectomy / Tongue Tie

Frenectomy / Tongue Tie

oking to get Frenectomy / Tongue Tie in Coimbatore? Well, you’ve come to the right place. First, let’s understand:

Labial frenum

A Frenectomy Is An Oral Procedure During Which A Frenum In The Mouth Is Altered Or Removed Using Laser.


Frenectomy procedure for tongue-tie is an oral intervention that modifies or eliminates frenums within the mouth, commonly referred to as tongue tie, which may result in oral irregularities.

In our mouths, there exist delicate soft tissue connections called frenums that provide essential support for the lips and tongue. While everyone has frenums, their size and shape can differ significantly.

However, if these frenums grow too long or develop an unusual shape, they can lead to a host of oral issues and abnormalities that need attention.

Two Types of Frenum Behind Oral Abnormalities

  • Labial frenum
  • Lingual frenum


The tissue that connects the upper gum to the lip is known as the labial frenum. When it is too high, it can extend through the gum tissue between the teeth and reach the front part of the roof of the mouth.


The lingual frenum, located between the tongue’s base and the floor of the mouth, can cause a condition known as “tongue tie” or “ankyloglossia” when it restricts tongue movement.

The tongue is crucial for speech and swallowing, and the lingual frenum attaches it to the mouth floor. When the frenum is too tight, it can limit tongue function, affecting speech articulation and oral hygiene, and potentially impacting systemic health.

Effects Of Excessive Frenum Attachment In The Mouth

  • Abnormalities in mouth development
  • It can adversely affect dental eruption, potentially leading to ectopic eruptions of central incisors, either on the lingual or labial side
  • It can cause a gap between the upper front teeth, known as ‘MIDLINE DIASTEMA’, by disrupting their normal development
  • Leads to gum recession, resulting in painful discomfort
  • The frenum can pull the gum tissue away from the base of the teeth, resulting in the exposure of the tooth root
  • Swallowing discomfort
  • Rupture or tearing of the frenum
  • Abnormal growth of frenum can cause jaw development issues leading to snoring and breathing through the mouth
  • Difficulties with speech due to a tight tongue
  • Trouble in fully extending the tongue

Discover The Frenectomy Procedure For Tongue-Tie!

A Frenectomy procedure for tongue-tie is a surgical procedure aimed to remove or alter a frenum that may cause various oral issues. It is typically performed to correct the effects of a frenum that is too long or too tight.

The surgery involves the use of laser technology and is usually performed under localized anaesthesia, resulting in minimal risk of infection and bleeding as compared to traditional scalpel procedures.

Post-surgery, proper care of the treated area, including maintaining cleanliness and avoiding unnecessary movement of the tongue, can help facilitate a quicker recovery.

Benefits Of Frenectomy Surgery

  • A frenectomy procedure for tongue-tie can alleviate pain and discomfort caused by gum recession.
  • It can close the gap between the two front teeth and prevent it from recurring during tooth eruption.
  • It enhances self-esteem and confidence.
  • It can enhance the ability to bite and chew with improved function.
  • It enhances speech articulation and pronunciation.
  • It enhances the ability to eat comfortably and improves appetite.


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